Monday, July 20, 2009

Hearts of Glass

The last project to begin this summer, Rookwood Mosaic gave their presentation to members of Ronald McDonald House and ArtWorks on Friday, July 17th. Not only impressing all audience members with their poise and confidently projected voices, the project also presented some of the hearts they’d already made, which were beautifully designed in rich colors of glass and Rookwood tiles.

After getting full approval from the Ronald McDonald House and taking a short tour of the House, the apprentices headed out on a special field trip to the studio of Edward Casagrande, a Cincinnati artist who has created many works of art for the Ronald McDonald House.

Mr. Casagrande is a sculptor who works with metal, and entering his studio is like entering a glimmering forest. Graceful designs in shades of shining gray and iridescent green glitter with whirling ornaments, and larger pieces display fanciful cut-outs of hearts and stars. The apprentices watched on attentively as Mr. Casagrande demonstrated the function of many of the machines he uses in order to create his sculptures and shared his philosophy on art and life. Rookwood Mosaic should go back to work on Monday with a new understanding of all that Ronald McDonald House can mean to people after their presentation, and fresh inspiration from their field trip.

View Mr. Casagrande's website at

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