Thursday, September 17, 2009

Room By Room Gallery Opening!

Last Final Friday's gallery opening at ArtWorks was almost overwhelming. Each piece of artwork was so full of detail, warmth, and love that the idea of needing to take in each of the works featured in the gallery that night filled me with urgency-- and I'd even seen most of the pieces in progress throughout the summer! The 103 works created by the Room by Room project were getting their first and only gallery showing before they're installed in their permanent home, Cincinnati's Ronald McDonald House, giving everyone and anyone an opportunity to see the glowing collection of work.

With large pieces crafted around themes from the seasons to favorite foods, or triptychs featuring fanciful versions of the apprentices who worked on the project with maps from various countries serving as a motif, every piece was absolutely unique and immaculately crafted. With such a glorious abundance of beauty it was near impossible for me to choose a favorite piece, and I contented myself with simply rotating around the gallery in awed wonder again and again.

Other highlights of the gallery included the delicious pink-frosted heart cookies that I've come to connect with all things wonderful (such as ArtWorks and Room by Room); the stimulating conversation, native to a gallery full of such fascinating people; and the thrill of seeing my own artwork, created at the Room by Room workshop day, on display among the others!

So, even if you weren't able to attend the opening, I hope this gave you a glimpse into what a warm and heartfelt event it was and will encourage you to come to ArtWorks soon to see the gallery for yourself!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Room by Room Gallery: Friday, August 28th!

Before the art created by the Room by Room project this summer is moved to its permanent home in the Ronald McDonald House, the 103 works of art will be stopping by the ArtWorks Gallery for everyone and anyone to come take a look! Join us this Friday, August 28th for the gallery opening, from 6-8 pm at ArtWorks (811 Race St, Cincinnati, OH, 45202). See you there!

Monday, August 24, 2009


The Northside Mural team all dressed up for their last huzzah!

After an extended back-to-school hiatus, Writer Woman has returned to present some relics of the summer program. Though it may be hard to imagine, on these surprisingly cool final days of August, the summer program ended in a blaze of white hot sunshine. So put on your sun screen and take a trip down memory lane with me!

The last day of the summer program was a day of festivities. While many projects celebrated the end of the summer and the completion of their artwork, the Northside mural wins the award for best shindig, though they got some help from the wonderful artists of Visionaries and Voices. When I arrived at the mural, I was almost so distracted by the tantalizing tables set with grill-out fixings, watermelon, blueberry chocolate cake, chips, and cool drinks that I couldn't focus on the mural that was serving as backdrops. Almost. For no matter what stunning smorgasbords might be arrayed nearby, the Northside mural really takes the cake. Bold, colorful, and a celebration in its own right, the Visionaries and Voices wall, Northside, and Cincinnati as a whole are brighter for having this mural.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ArtWorks in the Press (3)!

From multiple newspaper articles written about ArtWorks projects to various pieces featured on local television, the ArtWorks 2009 summer projects have frequently been in the spotlight as of late. Check out this, most recent, moment in the limelight!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Stay Tuned!

This summer passed in layers of paint, in levels of scaffolding, in pieces of paper and the curves of hearts. I find myself thinking about the past six weeks in retrospect—usually in terms of the progress the murals were making at the time, funnily enough. Thinking of the first and second weeks of ArtWorks fills my mind with the murmur of presentations and the percussive sound of wire brushes scraping against brick walls. As the second week becomes the third in my mind, I smell primer and see the bright white of a newly painted wall. Color materializes in thoughts of the fourth week. With the fifth week comes the laughter and warmth of ArtWorks Day. Now, I close my eyes to see detailed images decorating vibrant walls, huge expanses of carefully layered paint shining with the two-fold glow of the sight of the (almost) finished product as well as my memories of earlier stages.

Throughout my chronological thoughts of the summer, images of Room by Room, Stage Crew, Tapestry, and Glass Canopy also arise, with thoughts of Rookwood Mosaic tagging on near the end. No matter how much or how little time I was able to spend with each project this summer, every one of them has made their mark on me, and I won’t soon forget the people I’ve met and creativity I’ve seen.

Thanks are due, of course. To the ArtWorks staff for sharing their work place with Alex and I as well as for being such a great, impromptu teaching staff. Thanks to the O’Bryonville, Clifton Heights, and Over the Rhine mural teams for letting us dine with them on various occasions, and thanks to Over the Rhine for sharing your ice cream with us! (We must admit that we’re especially grateful for that one.) And a final thanks to all of the projects for putting up with our questioning and filming, for being so friendly in the face of impending interviews, and always welcoming us onto your projects.

Though it may already be the "end" of another ArtWorks summer, we all know that art—and ArtWorks—never stops. I’ll continue to update the blog periodically with information as to when mural dedications will be held, how they go, when gallery openings at ArtWorks occur, and exciting news about this year’s Secret ArtWorks. So, though it may be goodbye to summer 2009, there’s just more good stuff coming. Stay creative and stay tuned!

Day in the Life

Alex and I are proud to present the finished product of our Day in the Life film. View it now, right here on your very favorite ArtWorks blog!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last Call

Before the Summer 2009 ArtWorks programs draw to a close, I wanted to reiterate a call to you, apprentices, for anything you might want to submit to the blog yourself! I’d love to post your photos, stories, memories, comments, videos, quotes… the list goes on and on! I know Room by Room had a weekly bake-off—were there any results? And what about those rap lyrics that Tower Place surprised us with at ArtWorks Day—willing to share? Anything and everything would be great to see, and I’d love to share your work and stories with the ArtWorks world at large. Comment here, contact me on Facebook, or email me directly at