Thursday, September 17, 2009

Room By Room Gallery Opening!

Last Final Friday's gallery opening at ArtWorks was almost overwhelming. Each piece of artwork was so full of detail, warmth, and love that the idea of needing to take in each of the works featured in the gallery that night filled me with urgency-- and I'd even seen most of the pieces in progress throughout the summer! The 103 works created by the Room by Room project were getting their first and only gallery showing before they're installed in their permanent home, Cincinnati's Ronald McDonald House, giving everyone and anyone an opportunity to see the glowing collection of work.

With large pieces crafted around themes from the seasons to favorite foods, or triptychs featuring fanciful versions of the apprentices who worked on the project with maps from various countries serving as a motif, every piece was absolutely unique and immaculately crafted. With such a glorious abundance of beauty it was near impossible for me to choose a favorite piece, and I contented myself with simply rotating around the gallery in awed wonder again and again.

Other highlights of the gallery included the delicious pink-frosted heart cookies that I've come to connect with all things wonderful (such as ArtWorks and Room by Room); the stimulating conversation, native to a gallery full of such fascinating people; and the thrill of seeing my own artwork, created at the Room by Room workshop day, on display among the others!

So, even if you weren't able to attend the opening, I hope this gave you a glimpse into what a warm and heartfelt event it was and will encourage you to come to ArtWorks soon to see the gallery for yourself!