Monday, August 24, 2009


The Northside Mural team all dressed up for their last huzzah!

After an extended back-to-school hiatus, Writer Woman has returned to present some relics of the summer program. Though it may be hard to imagine, on these surprisingly cool final days of August, the summer program ended in a blaze of white hot sunshine. So put on your sun screen and take a trip down memory lane with me!

The last day of the summer program was a day of festivities. While many projects celebrated the end of the summer and the completion of their artwork, the Northside mural wins the award for best shindig, though they got some help from the wonderful artists of Visionaries and Voices. When I arrived at the mural, I was almost so distracted by the tantalizing tables set with grill-out fixings, watermelon, blueberry chocolate cake, chips, and cool drinks that I couldn't focus on the mural that was serving as backdrops. Almost. For no matter what stunning smorgasbords might be arrayed nearby, the Northside mural really takes the cake. Bold, colorful, and a celebration in its own right, the Visionaries and Voices wall, Northside, and Cincinnati as a whole are brighter for having this mural.


  1. Blueberry chocolate cake? Hm...Did you try that?

  2. I did! It was very rich and very delicious.