Friday, July 17, 2009

ArtWorks Day

ArtWorks day commences at the Carnegie Center in Covington

Jake Speed of Jake Speed and the Freddies entertains an audience full of apprentices

Stage Crew enacts a day in the life on their project using massively realistic props

The Northside mural project prepares to perform a dance routine, dressed in hard hats and collars inspired by Raymond Thundersky.

Room by Room presents a variation on their earlier presentation to the ArtWorks Day audience with the additions of "Glue!" and "Lots of glue!" tagged on to the end.

From “Chase and Kate Plus Eight,” presented by O’Bryonville, to the musical stylings of Tapestry, ArtWorks Day was a whirlwind of celebration, insanity, and wild dance routines. All held together by the skillful and hilarious emceeing of Jake Speed (who only added to the impression that ArtWorks Day had somehow been transformed into a musical), the presentations flowed smoothly, each offering a special glimpse into the personality and progress of each project.

I also thought I'd post the summary I wrote of the summer that I shared yesterday, because it's for all of you:

It’s been a relatively cool summer. Breezes and clouds have kept mural apprentices at a comfortable temperature as they paint, while other projects have remained snug in their studios. But, literal weather aside, it’s undeniable—this summer was hot! The burning colors of murals spreading like lava over city walls, sparks flying from the brainstorming minds in Room by Room conversations, heat—absolutely not metaphorical—emanating from the Glass Canopy’s kilns… the connections are endless, and easy to see. So though some mural apprentices may be quite proud of the tans they’ve cultivated over these last five weeks, the fact of the matter is that ArtWorks has created its own little suns at the heart of communities throughout Cincinnati this summer, and each and every one of us is a shiny ArtWorks sunbeam.

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