Friday, July 10, 2009

Caps and Capes

Reporting at Covington mural

It’s been a jam-packed week for each and every ArtWorks summer project, and the Documentary project is no exception. This week, FilmMan and WriterWoman have donned their capes and caps (translate as: reflective vests and hard hats) and flown from project to project, gathering footage, recording voice-overs, and interviewing, interviewing, interviewing.

We’ve been working with two specific outcomes in mind: a Day in the Life film and a MuralWorks film. Having already gathered all of the footage we need for Day in the Life (which, among other things, involved an adventure into West Chester at 6 in the morning), all we have to do now is compile the many clips, cuts and recordings that we’ve collected so far into a manageable whole.

Our MuralWorks film is also gaining momentum. Though Alex and I might feel we’ve interviewed enough people to last a lifetime of MuralWorks films, we actually have a few more to go. But once we’ve interviewed our last staff member, community member, or past mural recipient, FilmMan will be free to edit and the MuralWorks film will be underway.

So we’re eagerly looking forward to ArtWorks day, coming right up on July 16th, where we’ll both get to view your presentations (which, from what we’ve seen, promise to be extremely entertaining) and present our own work. See you there!

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