Monday, June 22, 2009

Introducing... FilmMan and WriterWoman!

I’m Avery and the videos that will soon fill this blog are filmed and edited by Alex. You’ve probably seen us around by now, appearing in the midst of your projects, spying over your shoulders, and making sure to document it all. But let’s be fair—we can hardly ask questions of you and not give a little information about ourselves in return. So, here goes: I go to SCPA and Alex goes to Elder. When asked about his favorite food, Alex says he likes “barbecue, in general,” whereas I’m more of the fruit and vegetables type. Our hobbies are fairly obvious, with mine involving lots of writing, and Alex’s indicated when he admits that he can easily spend eight hours behind a computer, editing film. And this summer we’re all ArtWorks’, and all yours. Be sure to check in on this blog and be ready for interviews—led by our fearless photographer, Brandon, we’ll soon be coming to a project near you.

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